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We do it to make a difference, we do it to help others, we do it Be.Cause.

Started in 1998, the Point West Rotary Club Foundation has donated over $1.1 million to over one hundred worthy charitable causes in and around Sacramento. In 2018, over 99.99% of donations went directly to those in need, and this does not include the time donated by the Club Members to these same causes.

If you are looking for a place where your donation will go directly to helping local families, please consider us.


PWR Member and Past President

Canine Companions for Independence is an organization that our foundation has generously supported both financially and through puppy raising. Our PWR club members have raised over 20 dogs. My family has raised two dogs who have made a dramatic impact on the lives of others. Becca, is now a Facility Dog at Sutter Pediatric Neurology, she sees several patients a day. Becca helps disabled children and their families during difficult treatments.
Kavi, is now a Skilled Companion for Lizzy who has Down Syndrome. Lizzy says, “Kavi is the best dog ever. She makes me happy. . Why you say? She is my best friend. Having Kavi is making me more responsible and independent. I do feed her, take her out to walk, bathe her and groom her. I love my dog Kavi. My family loves her too.”


    Student Activities Director, Encina Prepatory High School, http://www.sanjuan.edu/Encina.cfm

    “The Rotary Foundation has been a tremendous support to the Encina 6-12 community. They have supported us financially through field trips, programs in our classrooms, and providing opportunities for our students in programs such the Partners in Leadership. Students have been able to make connections and gain education through real life experience and network with the Rotarians. Point West Rotary creates opportunities for our students and contributing to their future.”

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    Owner, FUEL Creative Group, www.fuelcreativegroup.com

    “The Rotary Foundation is something special. They have the ability to put money and manpower into problems where Sacramento needs it most. I believe it is because the people at Point West Rotary truly love Sacramento. It is our home and they care deeply in our collective future. If you are looking to give, look to the Point West Rotary Club Foundation.”


    Your Donation Is Tax Deductible

    The Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) and is governed by a Board of Trustees
    selected by the Club. The Foundation has established a legacy in our community that impacts families and quality of life in our community. Helping our community is an honor and the members of the Rotary Club of Point West are committed to making a meaningful impact both now and in the future.

  • Along with Money, We Give Time

    We love helping kids and we wear that credo like a badge of honor. Whether through our TEES tutoring program at Thomas Edison Middle School, our scholarship and Rotary Youth Leadership Programs at Encina High School, our Ambassadorial Scholarship Program or our Rotary Youth Exchange Programs, we are there, in a strong and supportive way for our young people. Last year our members spent over xx hours of their time giving back to our local communities.

  • Local Commitment, Local Causes

    Our members guide and shape our charitable giving, ensuring that your donation will make the most difference for Sacramento and the surrounding communities. We work and live in the communities we serve—we understand where the money and effort is most needed.

  • We Donate

    Almost 100% of all the money we take into the Foundation gets donated to charitable causes. We are a completely volunteer organization and our expense ratio is less than .0005% so you know that your money is going to be put to work for local charities.

The Heilman Scholarship

The Heilman Scholarship provided by Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento (PWR) is a special scholarship in memory of Guy Heilman, who was a long time PWR member. Guy was the Club meetings “leader of songs”. These scholarships are possible due to a generous donation from Mr. Heilman’s family with a suggested designation of a music scholarship focus.

Guy Heliman

Annual Fundraisers


California Brewers Festival

One of our signature events since 1994, the annual California Brewers Festival has benefitted deserving local children’s charity organizations. This happening, which is becoming one of the signature beer festivals in the Sacramento area, saw over 3,500 people attend this year…