Foundation Officers and Trustees


The by-laws of the Point West Rotary Club Foundation mandate that there will be a minimum of 7 and maximum of 15 Trustees, including 2 ex officio non-voting trustees; Point West Rotary Club President and the Point West Rotary Club President-elect. The Foundation Board meets every 3rd Thursday of each month.

The by-laws also state that all Trustees must be Point West Rotary members in good standing for a continuous period of at least one year, with broad experience in Rotary life and with management and policy making experience, particularly in finance and the fields in which PWR supports activities.

Point West Rotary Club Foundation Officers and Trustees 2021-2022

  • Dan Hall,  President
  • Roger Gilleland
  • Tom Harvey, Treasurer
  • Jesse Nix, Secretary
  • Rick Bixler
  • Dave Black
  • John Caselli
  • Dave Garese
  • Jim Hare
  • Samantha Hoshida
  • John Meissner
  • Dean Wilkie
  • Doug Weill

Ex Officio Trustees

  • Mary Lyn Kagan, PWRC President
  • John Price, PWRC President-Elect

Vacancies are filled as follows:

  1. Point West Rotary members interested in becoming a Point West Rotary Club Foundation Trustee indicate interest by letting the Point West Rotary President or the PWRC Foundation President know.
  2. The nominating committee will be made up of the 5 members of the Executive Committee of the Point West Rotary Club Foundation Board.
  3. Questionnaires will be sent to and filled out by all interested parties if vetting is needed. The questions are used to understand the interest, commitment and the ability to take on the required role of a Trustee. It also gauges the member’s understanding of the mission & goals of the Foundation, as well as any relevant skills the member might have that is pertinent to being a Trustee.
  4. The nominating committee will present at least 2 qualified names for every vacant position.
  5. Voting of Trustees will take place in late May or early June at one of the regular Friday morning meetings. All Point West Rotarians have a chance to vote.